Hydra ENC28


With ENC28 connected to Socket 3, the Int Pin is PB8 and CS Pin is PB13, right ?

            Cpu.Pin irqPin = (Cpu.Pin)FEZHydra.Pin.PB8;
            InterruptPort irq = new InterruptPort(irqPin, true, Port.ResistorMode.PullDown, Port.InterruptMode.InterruptEdgeLevelLow);

Why this code made a Exception System.ArgumentException ? Like this Pin is not int capable ?

Thanks in advance,

What are you attempting to do? I assume you want to use this for Internet capabilities? If you are, the Ethernet Firmware already has the ENC28 initialized and you only have to add networking code for it to work.

Thanks Aron, but I would like to work with ENC28 ship to generate some traffic without a complete IP stack.
I use the non-ethernet firmware.

A good starting point for me should be use mIP. Anyone have already used mIP on Hydra ?

Just to share with us, in case of you need a fix. I have changed ResistorMode, and it works now …