Hydra Custom Firmware - Initializes the LCD on every deployment

My custom build of the firmware initializes the LCD on every deployment as if it is the first time the LCD is being used. Of course is an issue because it reboots the device and disconnects the debugger. I thought I would check here if anyone has faced this before I tackle this.

  1. How up to date is the code on codeplex at http://ghiopensource.codeplex.com/ revision 18388 with the official Hydra firmware that ships with the GHI NETMF v4.2 RC2-08242012?

  2. Has anyone faced this or know of something obvious that I neglected to do when building the firmware?

I used GCC 4.6.2 to build the firmware. So far all the applications work, it is just an issue with the LCD config that seems strange.

Does the version number match? If it is I would think it is the latest.
I am not an expert on the firmware, but shouldn’t it read the config information from the config section?

@ Architect - Thanks for replying

I have not had time to trace down the code that stores/retrieves the config, but now that it is weekend I will see if I can see what is going on. I was lazy and hoped someone from GHI would have a quick pointer for me…

If I find something I will post it here, of course if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful.

Did you change the firmware code or you are using it as is from codeplex?

I first built and used the code as is from codeplex, I had to fix the scatter file to get the code to compile I used the rvds file as a reference. This initial unaltered code presented the problem. The only change I made later was to change the code related to the touch interface.

One possibility is that the issue is related to the scatter file, I will double check that as wel, maybe I missed something.

Time to try it with 4.3 beta :wink:


I just saw it :slight_smile: