Hydra Codeplex Update

With the new release 4.2 RC3 of the firmware available, I have started doing some testing and was wondering if/when the codeplex source will be updated with this version or will we have to wait for the final release?

We update regularly but with the move to new building things are not exactly how we want :slight_smile:

The changes have been submitted. Thank you for the heads-up. :slight_smile:

@ Aron, @ Gus - You guys are awesome! I was fully expecting to have to wait until the final release and would not have thought that to be unreasonable. So thank you, I am updating now.

Great, it all builds and runs well. Thanks again.

Is there someway I can share the gcc scatter file back to you guys? I have updated it based on what I could map from the RVDS scatter file. It would be nice if you would review it and if it is useful commit to the repository so that others have an easier time getting the firmware built with gcc.

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@ taylorza - You can always put it on wiki for timebeing.

@ Architect - I will do that! It needs a review, because I was only able to map the obvious. There are one or two things that I am not sure about, it seems to work though.