Hydra available Flash/RAM

does anybody now where I can see the available RAM and Flash on the Hydra ? When I deploy the software I can see under debug:
GC: 2msec 519096 bytes used, 5772036 bytes available
Is this the RAM - means still that 5772036 bytes available ?
and under Microsoft Framework:
Deploying assemblies for a total size of 114544 bytes
Is this the flash ?
When I insert a const variable as string with many characters nothing of this is changing - I think that const variables written to the Flash isn’t it ?

Constants go in flash but the whole assembly is loaded into ram. Things are a lot more complex internally than a typical embedded system.

There is a lot of memory on hydra so why is this a concern?

Hi Gus,
I write some Object that I also want to use on the Cerberus board. And so I want to optimize
the Object so good as possible. With RAM is interrested I thought that the programm is loaded into
the Flash, because the RAM lost his content after lost power. When I deploy the project, what does the available bytes under Debug and under
the Microframeworks mean ?

@ CS5798 - cerberus is different as is flash is XIP. Execute in place.

We are talking about very advanced topics that are not easy to explain. Going through the internal sources will help in understanding.

The best way would be to try different things and compare the used memory.

thanks Gus for the answer. So will try something.