Hydra and other modules


Anyway creative ways to connect the Camera and Cellular Radio modules to a Hydra?


Hi Gabriel3,

Currently with the Hydra 4.1 firmware, Handshaking was not yet implemented and handshaking (Socket type K) is necessary for the cellular module to work. Handshaking will be implemented in a future 4.2 firmware release. Just check back every now and again for updates.


  1. Does this answer for the two modules above?
  2. Would extenders help here?


For the Camera module to work you need a host socket (Socket Type H) which Hydra does not support. And for the other question, it is not an issue with an extender. Handshaking is not yet added to the firmware. Once it is added, you should be able to use the cellular module the same as on Spider. As for the camera module, a Spider would be necessary to have in order to use it.


First of all thanks.

Is there any way to connect A camera to the Hydra? low-level soldering?


Yes you can use any serial camera. We currently do not offer these.

Google the web fro “serial jpeg camera”


Sytech do a Gadgeteer serial camera which can use a ‘U’ socket - http://www.sytechdesigns.com/CameraMod.htm - more expensive than GHI’s but should in theory work in at least four of Hydra’s sockets.

Thank you.

Oh yes correct. I forgot about that camera.