Hydra and I2C

Hello, gadgeteer lords.

I have a Hydra (think it’s 4.1 still, not sure) and bought a really, really, really cheap (=simple and prone to be DOA) 9DOF sensor module like this one: http://www.nbmarket.com/index.php/9dof-imu-itg3205-adxl345-hmc5883l-module.html

Would someone please direct me to both basic HW and SW guides as to connect and communicate between the Hydra and this I2C capable device?
I2C scares me. It really does.


The i2c tutorial should be a good start

It should, shouldn’t it?
<== (Facepalming himself for being so lazy)

Sparkfun’s 9dof stick looks to have the same things on it, albeit arranged differently - here - their page includes datasheets on the individual gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer components. I found something on Codeshare that looked similar, some components have a slightly different number but probably similar enough, here. MS’s Gadgeteer Module Builders Guide, here, will have some words of wisdom about pinouts for I2C sockets to tell you which pins on the IMU connect to which pins on your Extender module. And of course TinyCLR’s I2C tutorial is here.

RorschachUK, You’re a king.

Gabriel3, I’m currently going through this learning curve also in developing the driver for the IO60P16 module. First, start by reading this quick tutorial to get a decent understanding of how I2C works…


I’d also recommend you scan through this active thread and the referenced source code to see some of the issues you may encounter and references to the various forms of I2C that exist in Gadgeteer.


When it works, I2C is actually quite easy once you understand the basics of how it works and how to apply it to a datasheet.

ianlee74, thanks.
I WILL make a quadrocopter based on the Gadgeteer. It’ll take me ages, but it’ll happen.

Can’t wait to see the video, Gabriel3! I can’t ever seem to find time to work on mine.


Video? I can’t wait for the components to arrive from GHI, HobbyKing and eBay. Moreover, I’m waiting for GHI’s stable 4.2 version and NetMF 4.2 final version. Right now I’m learning. A LOT.

Gabriel3, have fun & be safe. Razor sharp blades attached to extremely powerful motors are not toys to take lightly. Use eye protection!

That’s what keeps me interested in this hobby. There’s never a shortage of things that I don’t know… :wink:


hi Gabriel3,

What about the module sold on nbmarket.com, I want to buy some pieces too.
Does it work well?


User_8136: I got it yesterday, will update.