Hydra+ 3d model


Is there a .stp file available for the Hydra+?


Did I ask this in the wrong place?

Don’t feel bad, I asked for the same thing in another thread and was politely ignored also.

;D We don’t ignore anyone and currently there is not a 3D model available.

@ mtylerjr - you might of heard I keep list of those who wreak havoc on the forum. :whistle:
Just ask a few the regulars!

@ mtylerjr Welcome to the list ;D

Is it possible to be impolitely ignored?

Step file got leaked…


Please share! :slight_smile:

Here is 3D PDF file: FEZ Hydra+.pdf

Some things need to be fixed before step file could be publicly released.

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Hmm… I think it has wrong perspective or something. Try zooming in.

@ Architect - Print screen? I am not getting any issues when zooming.

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@ iamin - In the image below, far side look longer than the one that is closer to the viewer.

That is the renderings problem, not the model. I forget the technical terms but look for a setting relating to perspective, as theres “REAL” which is what your seeing in that photo, and “LIFE” which is farther things are smaller

Thanks for the hint. Was not aware that you can change the projection in PDF. That was orthographic projection.

Switched to perspective and now not dizzy anymore.

Here is a step file: FEZ Hydra+.zip

What left not fixed:

  • File size of Step file is big, I was expecting around twice as small
  • No texture (silkscreen) applied in 3D pdf file - too much trouble to do that
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Many thanks for the step file, you’ve saved me a load of time! :clap:

I’ve given you as many +1s as this thread will allow. ;D