Huston we have a problem

她r more probably @Justin has a problem :rofl:

So as part of finally sorting out TinyCLR OS ports to some of my boards i ran some tests on an Electron XL .

I did the NETMF tests both Debug and Release but only Debug with TinyCLR OS as i cant seem to get release to work???

** Edit - Release mode issue was me being a dumb arse存till slow toggle in Release mode **

Test 1: Calculating digits of Pi, in this test to 50 decimals

NETMF 4.4 : 11.7568170 sec
TinyCLR OS : 12.5484676 sec

NETMF 4.4: 8.8857400 sec

Now heres the WTF

Test 2: Toggle an LED on/off 20,000 times

NETMF 4.4: 0.8970330 sec
TinyCLR OS: 12.1133215 sec !!!

NETMF 4.4: 0.8113840 sec

Me thinks there is a memory leak and the GC is constantly firing

But like i said at the start@Justin is probably being dim :rofl:


I have same problem on debug work ,but on release do not work TinyCLR (tested different code)

so youre not alone , somewhere in space another alien have similiar problem :nauseated_face: