Hub & Two Motor Controllers, error frequency is too low

So I need to control 2 motor controllers. I need to use a hub since there’s only 1 socket on a Raptor for the controller. I’ve looked around in the forums and I can find how it says to set the frequency to 5000 but it isn’t clear to set it on the Raptor, the Hub or the motor controllers. Regardless, there is only one way to set the frequency, using Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.MotorDriverL298.Frequency = intValue. However, the object needs to be created to set it and I get the Frequency too low error when the code tries to instantiate the object in the first place.

Anyone have any ideas?.

I don’t have a HubAP5, and I don’t have any L298’s, but here’s one thing for you to try.

Name your motor drivers md1 and md2 (or something). Then try setting the frequency as md1.Frequency = xxxx and md2.Frequency = xxxx and see if that works.