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HP announce new 3d printer


Live feed

multijet full page width print bar.
Full colour
10x speed of SLS
adaptable material properties. Elasticity, texture etc
strong parts

This actually does sound pretty good.


@ hagster - Hopefully the competition from a big name like HP will drive prices lower, but given that they’re positioning against SLS, I’m not holding my breath for this particular printer to be in the price range for the average maker.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see where they come down, price-wise, given the boasts they’re making on speed and strength.


There is something about it being an open technology. I’m assuming that means they will licence the tech to established players.

Oh did I say the parts were strong. I.e to lift a car…

3D printed chain lifts car – HP Multi Jet Fusion…:


Impressive…though I can’t help but notice that they used the 3D printed link to lift the Toyota, and not the 'vette. :wink:


I believe them on the speed aspect; the print head must be the full size of the longer build dimension. Also, its not targeted for home use so bah.


10000 nozzles on the print bar. :open_mouth:

What is the price for a printer like that?


Very impressive!