How would GHI add a special feature for me?

Some users may need features added in native code (c++ or assembly) instead of managed (C#) and that is mainly for these reasons:

  1. Speed is needed, like encryption algorithms. This can be done in C# but executing it in assembly will be much faster.
  2. Timing is critical, like change output to input very fast. Like implementing Dallas one-wire interface
  3. Other features that are not in Micro Framework

Yes, we can add any feature you request. The cost is a factor of how many users will benefit from the feature, how much time we need, and who will be benefiting form this feature. Adding any feature will usually cost about $150/hour but in some cases we do it for discount/free if the benefit is great for all customers

Now, how many hours does it take?

It is up to how much information you provide. For example, you may write the feature completely in C# and then you ask us to move that to the native side. In this case, it may take us about 4 to 8 hours for example. Other cases requires 4 hours just to know how much time we need to finish the feature.

GHI’s exclusive RLP allows users to load native methods at runtime. This helps in implementing processing intensive tasks, like image processing, cryptography or CRC calculation. RLP is available on all GHI’s NETMF devices.

Before you contact us with requests, please make sure you have full understanding of the Micro Framework concept and what it can/can’t do. And have full details on the feature you need supported
Here is how to contact us: