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How will windows 8 change programs


Windows 8 beta isnow availible i recommend your run it in a vurtual machine.


I got my Samsung slate with developer Windows8 on it. So far -love it. Impressed with new language additions in c#. You can declare your method with “async” compiler and runtime will do the rest to make your code asynchronous. Too many new good things - hard to choose what to mention. Using unmanaged c++ with xaml is impressive. On my way to second day keynote.


that awesome


@ noob123: have you tried it with a VM? I get an error just after the Windows boot logo when I try to install it. Tested both x86/x64 on Virtual PC and VMware Workstation, no luck. The host machine is Win7 x64 w/ intel Core i/7 and 8GB.


@ Daniel_M: Same here. Nice error screen with MS VirtualPC saying “something happened”, nasty “your PC must reboot” error with Oracle VirtualBox…


They made the preview available to all, but did not specify that you had to attend to the BUILD conference to get it to work… I had the same problem with VMware (Workstation). I was pondering the idea of doing the ‘boot to VHD’ install, but ran out of steam last night…


I have the preview running on VMWare Fusion 4(Mac), which was released a few days ago.

I had a few issues with the interface, but I am not sure if it is avirtualization issue or my lack of understanding how to navigate between the desktop and the new start interface.


@ Mike, just hit the Windows key (depending on your virtualisation app, you might have problems unless that is passed thru to the VM). That should swap you to the opposite; either the Start page or the Classic Windows.

Another way is to press Win+C ( = Charms) and click the Start icon.


Message to everyone for some reason windows 8 does not like vmvare and with other virtualiztion software it has issuses vmvare says hal_ininzation_failed. I recomend you make a dual boot system by partitioning than installing windows 8 on it.
*the preview ends in march 2012


I have it running in Hyper-V without a problem…


I better try it in hyper-v


For those with VMware Workstation, supposedly Windows 8 installs on the newest release, coincidentally (or not) also v8. Since it’s a major version release, they hit you with a $99 upgrade fee.