How unbrick G80

Hi at all,
I a custom G80 board, NETMF4.3 and devices are updated to the latest version, everything is working BUT
've been writing an app for some months to use PWM servos and I have not had any problems so far. After on in main entering and compiling the app (in one of them ) with these 2 lines:

        Call New OutputPort(GHI.Pins.G80.Gpio.PC13, False).Write(False)
        Call New OutputPort(GHI.Pins.G80.PwmOutput.PD13, False).Write(False)

my G80 board stop to work, or better it works all the same as before but I can not reprogram it because it is no longer available via USB. I can not even update it because FEZ Config tells me “Device Not Detected”, in Device Management of W10 I see the Device G80 but its USB does not receive and retransmits anything.
I have not tried to get into DFU because honestly I do not remember how to do it anymore but I remember very well that removing a protection also loses the bootloader. Is there any way to delete only the area of ​​the Framework to prevent the program from starting or some other way to bring the jewel back to its previous state? The card in question does not mount only the G80 but replace it and try all again maybe it would cost me more than throw it.
It would be nice to have the famous 2 files that all the others have but that the 2 SoC younger brothers do not have … in many we could sleep peacefully

Really nobody knows how to delete, using DFU, the program and the libraries of the NETMF part without affecting the bootloader ?


You should still be able to enter the bootloader we provide and erase the firmware and deployment from there, without the DFU tool. You just need to hold down LDR0 on powerup and the device will appear as a COM port that you can connect to with a tool like TeraTerm. See for more details, you can ignore the bits about TinyCLR.

Thanks John, so I did it. I would really be disappointed because it would be the first G80 in a long series but above all my first “my G80 board” to have such a problem.:grinning::grinning: