How to write to flash memeory?




Where are these classes?

I’m usinf Fez Cobra 2 and sdk 4.2 but i do not see where i can use these libraries?

FYI: Google is a great resource for searching for class names. The links you want are:

You will note these are from the 4.1 SDK. The APIs for the 4.2 SDK are linked to from

Thanks Jeff…what do you mean by “The APIs for the 4.2 SDK are linked to from…”

There were only available in older SDKs, dropped in netmf 4.2

@ anthonys - The links I sent were for the outdated 4.1. On the page linked to by the URL I posted, there is a section “API References” that has links to the current (4.2) class documentation.

I assume i have to use ExtendedWeakReference instead?

Depends on your program, but that is one way to store values between resets.