How to write a driver for ethernet chip?

Can someone show me how to write a driver(or guide) for an Ethernet chip? ie LAN9303

Anyone interested in writing a driver for this chip…willing to pay!

to use with?

with g120 chip

It is not possible as it only supports Ethernet using enc28 chip. GHI maybe able to do it for you but it will be costly. Use direct contact if interested please.

would it be possible to connect the enc28 to this chip?

well…im actually trying to connect g120 to a switch without a rj45 connector

The RJ45 is not just a connector that you can choose not to connect. These connectors have integrated magnetics that do stuff like impedence matching and ESD protection. You may be able to try to use a seperate ethernet transformer and experiment.

Here is an example

We’ve also discussed this on another of your posts, I think you’re probably ignoring our advice and should just use a switch and short cables.

@ Brett, haven’t ignored advice, creating a commercial product so would the system has to be on one board…the solution offered is to plug things together which is not what i want.

@ Rajesh Not sure if you are correct about your statement, the magnetics is for noise suppression etc…but if the data connections are connected to another chip then these magnetics etc are not required…i could be wrong! The noise suppression is required at the connector becuase it will connect to cables in a noisy envrionemt