How to WiFi on the Cobra II?

I don’t want to steal any GHI thunder, but the much anticipated Cobra II boards have started to appear in the wild. I expect we’ll be seeing a flurry of posts related to this new hardware as folks start plugging all kinds of components into this beauty.

My question - I have the WiFi version, and am guessing I need to use GHI.Premium.Net.WiFiRS9110 constructor to start, but I’m not sure what the parameters should be since the RedPines chip is soldered directly to the board. Maybe somebody at GHI could start a Wiki page with a few code examples for the onboard components like Wifi, SD, and USB host?

public WiFiRS9110(
	SPI_module spi,
	Pin chipSelect,
	Pin externalInterrupt,
	Pin reset,
	uint clockRateKhz

SPI2 :smiley:

P1.10 :smiley: :smiley: - i’ll stop now

We have add a page for this information. If you have any more questions or sections you think we should add, please let us know.