How to view the Program.Gadgeteer in VS 2013?

Hi, just installed VS 2013 and upgraded my project from 4.2 to 4.3 but I can’t see the diagram of the gadgeteer modules anywhere.
I know it’s a silly question but i really need help, what do I have to do in order see it?

Thanks and sorry.

Do you mean you opened this old project in VS2013 when you had created it in VS2012? And then updated the project to target 4.3?

As far as I recall, this continues to work as expected. You open the Program.Gadgeteer item within Solution Explorer. In fact, I just dug out an old project and did that. The only quirk you get is because you changed the target framework, looks like the Gadgeteer designer can’t get the correct image overlaid for your mainboard (and maybe modules, mine had none) and you may need to remove them and re-add them.