How to use two XBee Adapters in the same time

Hi, I wan use two XBee Adapters in my spider, one for Xbee 805.12.4, the other one for RN-
XV-WiFly. Could I use two XBee Adapters simultaneously? How to set the COM?
The RN-XV-WiFly driver use default COM1 .


5 days pass, does anyone can help?


The only help I can be is by saying if you have the driver, you can change the COM port it uses. Include it as a code segment rather than just using the driver, and edit it as needed (better would be to change or extend the constructor to take a different COM port).

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Here is an example in codeshare of someone doing exactly that:

And here is the source code for the RN-XV Wifly driver:

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Thank you Brett and FireyFate.