How to use Music Module to play audio files larger than 600K?

Using the GHI Music Module, I can play audio files up to about 600K in size from an SD card or from the Web. Anything larger runs out of memory.
How can I segment a stream so the music module can play all of it?

Have you seen this:

That looks like just what is needed, but I can’t find the source code that implements a Music Module driver that can play from Streams.

Click the “+” sign next to “source code”

Or “Download” to the right of it.

This does play the file, but so far I sound like I’m singing in the shower. I’m not Frank Sinatra, but I can’t be this bad.

Ok, I re-recorded my file at 128 mbs and it plays fine from the SD Card. It still stutters from an Internet source, but I’ll take it down another notch and try again. Thanks, guys, especially Mischa for this driver.

Can anyone supply a compiled driver for the Music Module that can play streams, I am new to .net and Gadgeteer and am having difficulty in getting this to work.