How to use G120 USART1 (COM1) as serial port?

Is there a trick to use COM1 as a normal serial port?
We use USB for debugger, so no conflict there.
But I have something in mind that COM1 is used internally to send some low level debug info.

My college tries to send something via COM1, but he says that the pin only toggles on port open and close, but not on write !?

Edit: According to our schematics, P2_1 is floating.

I use COM1 routinely, and I don’t recall having to do anything special to use it. I do notice that when TinyCLR crashes, the low-level debug info gushes out of COM1, but only then.

Ok, thank you.
We want to use it for LIN communication. Hopefully the ECU’s there doesn’t do anything stupid on the debug info :think:

I use it to, no problems, only when a device is not proper flashed or is in bootloader mode (sends out BL on the com).