How to use Ethernet with FEZ Cerbuino Net?

Hi All

I’m trying to use the embedded Ethernet ENC28 on my Cerbuino Net.

I got “The name ‘ethernet’ does not exist in the current context”.

I added reference to GHIElectronics.Ethernet_ENC28.
I tried: Ethernet_ENC28 ethernet = new Ethernet_ENC28(
but the constructor asks for the socket number.

What socket number should I use?
Is it the right way to code?

Or is it impossible to use the embedded Ethernet port on Cerbuino Net as it is impossible the USB Host socket?

Thanks in advance for any help.

@ IBM360 - You will only need to deploy the ethernet firmware, you will not be able to use the module in the designer or in code. To access the network interface you can access it through the Microsoft.SPOT.Net libraries with this call:

For a full example:

It works, thanks a lot!! :clap:

Now I have to go further and I guess I’ll be back soon for other questions. :whistle: