How to use Bluetooth 1.1

I am new and I am not the electronics student in fact, so I don’t know what should I do if I want to connect the Bluetooth 1.1 ( which based on G120HDR with PC or phone. I have modified the socket definition in G120HDR driver program, and then what should I do. Thank you.

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Perhaps this Codeshare entry can give you some help.

Edit: ha,ha… here it is:

@ RoSchmi -
so this driver must be used with .net framework 4.3? it doesn’t work on 4.2?

Yes, this driver is for NETMF 4.3. But before I posted BT.drivers for the discontinued GHI Bluetooth module with Versions for NETMF 4.2.
But these drivers were for Gadgeteer boards.
There are some differences between pure NETMF and Gadgeteer concerning access of the serial port in the driver.
I assume that you want to use the discontinued GHI Bluetooth module, right?
What kind of data transfer to you want to do?
The GHI Bluetooth module only supports the Bluetooth spp (Serial Port Protocol). You will be able to communicate with PC, Windows phone, android phones but not with e.g. iphone.

@ RoSchmi -
Thanks a lot. Yes, I am using the discontinued Bluetooth module. I want to build a communication between CAN BUS and cell phone or PC by Bluetooth, so that I can read the information of a car by cell phone or PC, this is my thesis activity. However, I am a automotive engineer not a electronic engineer, so I feel worried about this and I need some help.
Can you tell me what’s the use of that driver you made and if I want to transfer a graph to my cell phone, what should I do? Thank you

The driver is needed to control the Bluetooth module from the microcontroller and to transfer the data from the microcontroller (G120) to the BT-Module.
This data transfer over a serial port of the microcontroller to the serial port of the BT-Module is the limiting factor for the maximal data rate. This maximal data rate may be in the order of 3000 Bytes/sec. The first question is, whether this data rate is sufficient for your application. On the PC or Smartphone-Side you must receive the data and transform the information in a form that can be displayed on a graphical display.

… and on the PC or smartphone side, you need to be able to use the SPP profile of Bluetooth (classic, not BLE) to receive that data. Many smartphone platforms don’t offer that, so it’s worth being aware of this.

I would too now I have a BLE module, thanks Justin :slight_smile:

Do tell ! I guess you have expanded on what the Ingenuity Micro one delivers?

:slight_smile: Yes, I saw that vid, I just didn’t see the code, did I not look in the right places ? :whistle:

@ Justin where did you publish the code ?

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@ RoSchmi -
I am sorry, I still can not understand which form that can be displayed on the grafical display. For example, if there are only display, G120 and power supply, the display can show a image(JPEG file) which has been added in the Visual Studio. But if I want to transfer this image to the smart phone by Bluetooth, what should I do with your driver?

sf9054 you have to think more fundamentally than this. The OBD data will be individual pieces of information coming from the car at any particular time. If you want to put that data on a graph, you have to have a graphing routine to do so - a microcontroller will probably not be the right thing to do a lot of that processing. So what a Bluetooth module would allow you to do is to create your own data transfer mechanism to take raw data and move it over to the PC or phone, and let the phone accumulate that over time and be responsible for graphing.

So for example you want to display RPM data. You read the RPM OBD data with the OBD module; the microcontroller then packages it up and send it over BT to the phone. An app on the phone is then responsible for unpacking the RPM data and then displaying it, or trending it over time. At the most fundamental, you could send a stream of data that has a terminator character followed by the RPM data - the driver will allow you to send the individual parts to the BT module that is then paired/connected to the phone, that’s all; the obtaining of the OBD data and then packing that data is something you will need to do, and then your app at the remote end will need to unpack that data and display it and graph it…

That’s exactly what I just wanted to say, only a little bit better than I could have done. :slight_smile:

@ Brett -
OK, I understand. I didn’t consider the transfer speed issue before, maybe I need to consider another application of this BT module. But now, I hope this BT module can work, just a simple test to build an effective connection between BT and smart phone. So, can you tell me how to transfer an image by using BT module. As I said before, I am new, and I know nothing about how to use it. Please help me this. Thanks a lot.

@ sf9054 - As far as I know there is no “out of the box” working application for bluetooth file transfer from a NETMF device to a smartphone here in the forum. But if you want, you can start with this file transfer application for transfer from Gadgeteer Device to Windows PC. You will need some changes as the G120 is not a Gadgeteer Device.

@ sf9054 -