How to use a microphone to record / stream audio real time?

I have been thinking of developing a birdhouse with a built in camera and microphone so I can watch and listen to the birds living in there in real time. I have a Fez Spider and a WIfi module. I also see some camera modules, so the only thing left is recording the audio. I noticed a Music module:

However, it says “mportant Note: The RCA connector marked “MIC” does not work with microphones. It is a regular Audio in connector.” - so what exactly does this mean? Is it possible to make this work with a microphone? I’m sure I’m not the first guy to need a way to capture audio, please share how with the Gadgeteer platform.

Thanks, Paul

@ andre.m - when I say real time, I mean like sub second latency. Like I literally want to stream the video and audio over my wifi connection to a server that will record it and make it accessible (via streaming) in the browser, etc.

This should help some:

Maybe you could “stream” audio, assuming you could get your mic connected (I doubt it, really), but you’re not going to be “streaming” anything like video, not with a G400, let alone a Spider. You’re looking at a single frame per several seconds, and that’s without sending anything out over WiFi.

Your best bet in this arena would be a micro with a DCMI interface, and some awfully good native programming knowledge. Then, maybe. Maybe.

Google “WiFi camera”, and see what you come up with.