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How to tell if FEZ Config deployment was successful



I elected to use FEZ Config for factory deployment.

Issue is that my application requires the power switch to be held down for a certain time window in order to maintain the on state. (issues with back EMF from the motor turning on the device solved :slight_smile: )

But FEZ Config likes to launch the application at the end, so the device turns off.

How can I tell that the deployment was successful without this stage? I can run it through its normal motions, but can’t emulate every real world error that is handled in the application. But how can I be sure no part of the application is corrupt?


If the update process exits without error, it is assumed to have done so successfully.

You may be able to use the CalculateCrc method from IFU inside your program to compare against some known value. Perhaps write the expected value in the config region to compare against or output it over the debug transport to verify manually.


Oh cool thanks for tip.

I do believe there may be a success message before the App Starting phase… some message flashes on the screen for a fraction of a second haha.

Much appreciated.