How to set Network speed

I been looking around and don’t find anyway to set the network speed or duplex. Is there such a thing?

As far as I know the device tries to connect to the highest speed (=100 mb/s) available. If auto negotiate fails it drops back to 10mb/s. It cannot be configured or set from software.

@ Patrick - In my case I need to control the speed and duplex.

I think the only way to control the speed and duplex is from a managed switch. If you set a port from that switch to 10 or 100 mb/s full or half duplex then your device will use it.

@ Patrick - Yea, I though of that. I need to get a hold of the network class/driver and work on it. There needs to be a property to control that.

If you find that, please let me know, i’ve got a couple of spiders out in the field with a negotiate problem.

btw: the network driver is lwip and is part of netmf

Thanks for the info. I’ll let you know. Right now I’m fighting a power up ( hydra ) issue where the network doesn’t initialize on power up. But after power applied if you hit the reset then it is fine.

Was there anything learned about changing the duplex mode for a spider? Same boat as you. Gotta force full-duplex on the spider. Can’t change switching hardware.

Thanks -AP