How to select SPI interface on ALFAT and Equivalent DATAREADY pin of uALFAT on ALFAT?


Previously I was using uALFAT for USB host device accessing and SPI interface for communication between Microcontroller and uALFAT. In this DATAREADY (pin 13) signal was present on uALFAT which is used to check whether the response is ready or not for particular command.

Since uALFAT is discontinued, I am not getting the equivalent of DATAREADY pin which was present on uALFAT in new ALFAT s/m.

Please help me regarding this and also for How do I select the SPI interface of ALFAT?

I am using ALFAT OEM board and P89V51RD2 controller

Thank you

@ Ajit -

On ALFAT, the DATA ready pin is also called Active pin. When this pin is high meaning ALFAT TX buffer has something to send.
To enter SPI mode, pull SPI MOSI and SPI SSEL to high when reset the board. You can find this in the document below:

For ALFAT’s command, you can take a look on here:

@ Dat

Thank you so much for reply.
I have tested it. Now its working finely.