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How to read 24v AC on a wire


I’m wondering what would be the best way to see when an irrigation system is sending 24 volt AC down a specific zone so that I can run some logic in my Fez Domino.




Crydom has some input modules that fit your input range.


Or you can do it by yourself :smiley:

Here is a small schematics for 230V(you have to tweak a little bit)

It’s also cheaper maybe 3-4$ , the module costs about 17$


Thanks guys.

@ logitechs . Do you know exactly what part I should order at that site. I’m a bit of a a newb with this hardware stuff but I’m learning fast :smiley:




I think one of these module should work.


The difference between both modules is the turn-on/off time (SM-IDC5 is faster) and input voltage

But both modules are in the input voltage range you need.