How to mount Gadgeteer components?


I’m new to Gadgeteer, and I’m wondering where to go to get an enclosure/mounting board for my gadgeteer components? I looked at Radio Shack but their project boxes all seem too small. Any recommendations?


@ jhoge123 - Are you looking for prototyping, or finished product?

For the former, I tend to work with the Tamiya Universal Plates over on They’re inexpensive, come in multiple sizes, and they include press-fit fasteners that are good for when you need to move components around (you can also use nuts and bolts as well). The universal plates have holes on the 5mm centers that are the Gadgeteer standard spacing, so you can easily fit components in a very flexible fashion.

For the latter, I’ve seen solutions ranging from laser cut enclosures (GHI has a new service for this: to 3D printed custom cases.

Others will probably chime in with their favored solutions as well.

And welcome to the Gadgeteer fold! It’s a fun technology to work with!


FWIW - I used a RS project case to hold a Spider, T35, and about 4 other modules. I never got around to putting batteries in there, but it seemed like it had enough room for some single cell LiPos.

Hi John,

Not the cheapest solution but certainly one that produces a very nice product at the end of the day is Front Panel Express who can make you a nice anodised metal panel with inserts that can hold the PCB etc. No more screw showing from the front :slight_smile:

I found a few boxes like this one that I can make a nice panel for and I can use it either desk mounted or wall mounted.

I have one right now that has a Cobra 2 board, GSM module and a battery and Lipo Rider Pro board that is used for a home automation project. I am just waiting for the panel to arrive so I can finish it and wall mount it.