HOW-TO: Make parts in Cadsoft Eagle

Do you know where can find tutorial like above for using eagle to design a board ?

Search YouTube. There is a whole series of videos, maybe 7 or 8. There are also lots of tutorials scattered around the web. I’m not sure if there is a “one stop shop” with links to them, but I’m sure others will chime in with their favorites.

I have learned from Sparkfun tutorials.

Thanks,very useful

It’s actually pretty easy.
I started with some videos too, but started designing some parts just from trial and error.

Not to my surprise my first part, some digital accelerometer, did not succeed at all.
To my surprise my first version of a relay part worked like a charm.

Just make sure you connect the pins correctly, that’s what I did wrong the first time.

This series of YouTube tutorials is really good:

Alternatively, you can do a search on YouTube with the terms “CadSoft Eagle” “RPC Electronics”.

Also in the download section of CADsoft, there are a few tutorials in various languages.

Tzu Hsuan thanks for your link in first post. Im right now make my first component(Molex 52991-0708 connector) with using tutorial from your link :slight_smile:

I have been a long time user of Eagle, and have recently started using Kicad. I like it better than Eagle.