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How to make Fez Panda as development board


need help with erasing fez panda ??? ???


There was a topic on this sometime back… I’ve just looked but I can’t remember the heading…

I take it you want to just program the NXP yourself…

Cheers Ian


i wont to get development board with LPC2387 ARM processor,
and i know that after erasing Panda becomes LPC2387 and anyone knows how i can do this?! :(:frowning:
i’m really need plz


We want to support this but now we do not have the software you need to erase the board. You can buy one and ask GHI to ship you a blank one or you can ship the one you have and we will erase it for you.


ok :frowning:
but there is not different way using maybe there is something soft which can help me?


I like to learn more about this too.
I have been following the Porting Guide eBook on doing this!
And at the pause at Chapter 11.3. Using FEZ Panda
I even build the UART RS232 shield for this!

Now, I know! I’ll ship my Panda back to you to have it erase tomorrow!


yes i following Porting Guide eBook too, but i cant erase it, if you can do it tomorrow please contact me (email deleted by admin) pls, ok? :wink: ??? ::slight_smile:



What I meant was, now I know that I have to send my Panda to GHI Electronics to erase Panda for me!
I do not know how to erase the Panda!

Sorry for mislead you! :frowning:


I deleted your email to keep spam bots away from it :slight_smile:


;D ;D
ok , no problem :wink:


@ Gus : do you have an ETA on the easing software ?