?How to jumper a Cerb40?

Hey everyone, I’m breadboarding out my design with my Cerb40. On my first prototype, I soldered too soon, and ended up destroying some PTHs with repetitive soldering and desoldering. This time, I’m taking it slowly. However, I have a problem. My breadboard jumpers make poor contact with the Cerb. I don’t want to solder on pins, as my final prototype will be using wire. Are there jumpers with wider or conical pins? What do/would the rest of you do to solve this problem?

What you need is one of these :wink:

EDIT: I forgot that platform also requires soldering on the headers. Your best option really would be to get an extra Cerb40 and solder on headers. Then you can keep it for prototyping your next project and just solder on the wires to the final Cerb40 once you have the bugs worked out.