How to itegrate a modified module driver into VisualStudio

is it possible to show up a modified driver in VisualStudio Tools without creating it from scratch?
I modified the rfid driver from ghi to use it with the ID-20LA. The class is now called ID20_RFIDReader. So i created a new directory in the folder where the original driver is placed ( GHI Electronics\GHI .NET Gadgeteer SDK\Modules, put new files in it, modified the gadgeteerhardware.xml but of course, no new module showed up in the VisualStudio Tools.
What do i have to to to bring up the new module in the tools?

Hi Chris,

you would need to build the full driver package - not insurmountable, but also not straightforward. You can read the details in the module builders guide.

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Thanks Brett,
i hoped i could avoid this.
So i build the module from scratch with the module template and the installer worked as expected.