How to handle cookies?

I have a SCADA server that can send me back REST API replies but it only works if the user is logged into the server. I use the replies to read settings on the server.

The issue I have is how to handle the cookies that the server requires to allow me to send the request after I am logged in.

Anyone deal with cookies before?

This is on what platform? IoT? You can send the Cookie: header as part of the web request.

Cookies are sent as part of the header. You simply need to include them in your own subsequent headers.

NETMF with G400D.

First I need to do the login to the server which will then give me the cookie and then I can send this with each request.

@ Dave McLaughlin - You can send a request with the login variables content in uri encoded format. Get a Live HTTP Headers for firefox, and capture the content that is required to login. (Lol I’ve done this so many times)