How to generate a HEX file (S-Record using C#.NET 2010)

Can someone please advise how to :

“Generate a HEX file (S-Record using C#.NET 2010)”

in order to then use MFDEPLOY to load onto a FEZ Cobra target.

I’ve been searching for ages without success in the forums, wiki and the .NET
I have done it before (but some time ago),
but have been working in emulation mode for over 3 months now, and can only see the following file extensions in the bin\le, bin\be directories:

Any suggestions welcome

Whar are you trying to do?

Hi FEZ King,
I’m trying to roll out an application, but need the hex file to use MFDEPLOY.
But can’t seem to find a hex file from the VS2010 Pro debug or release output files
I only have the EXE file!

I am not sure about VS, but you can obtain your application file from the device using MFDeploy:

Read the section Obtaining the Application File

You can’t use vs. use mf deploy to create application deployment.

Thanks Guys.

Obtaining the Application File

[quote]To obtain the application file, first you have to develop your application and deploy it to the device using Visual Studio. Next, you can read it using MFDeploy (on EMX).
The needed file is a SREC file with the application assemblies.

For MFDeploy, first make sure Application mode is active because MFDeploy will be reading this region.
Once active, go to “Target->Application Deployment->Create Application Deployment”.
Then select the application file name and a key to sign your application.
Note that you only need your application hex file and NOT the key or the signature file (.sig) for in-field update.
MFDeploy documentation has all necessary details.
This program does this for you. You have to invoke it using the command line and provide an input file name. It will then output the needed application file.[/quote]

A further Question:

How do you prevent others from extracting your program using MFDEPLOY and then rolling it out?

I remember the GHI propitiatory libs have method to lock this feature. Try to browse the methods.