How to find this transformer?

Hello guys,
I’ve been trying to find a replacement for the following transformers and frankly I can’t find any info so my guess is i’m searching using the wrong info/keywords.
does anyone know what do they call these types of transformers?

both have been taken out of my Mytag washer and dryer, the are fried :frowning: so before heading down the rewinding road I figured I check for a replacement first.

thanks for any hints.

Head over to here or I have been able to purchase parts for old and new appliances from both of them in the past.

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There is a good chance that they are customs parts made for the machine manufacturer or custom numbering so tracking down may be a bit of work unless you can find a nice friendly MyTag service centre who might have them.

Thanks guys,
I guess I will have to get it repaired… dang…