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How to drawing the circuit sketch for prototype


Hi, how do you drawing the circuit sketch for prototyping like SteH made this
What software do you use?
Where to find the board or circuit pictures like domino, and the breadboard picture?




You can find fritzing parts for some of the FEZ boards on my blog:


Thanks, Brett and Architect.


Architect, have you submitted your parts to Fritzing to be included in their regular releases? I noticed others (netduino) have been doing this.


No, I haven’t :(.

They are not perfect and I didn’t have time to go back and fix it. Once I finish my automated script I will recreate them - may be then.


I also just noticed File -> Open Example -> Arduino -> (40-50 examples) … Once you get your new script done and we have all the parts available we need to put together a community effort to duplicate this for FEZ & Gadgeteer(?) I still haven’t quite figured out how Gadgeteer will work in Fritzing.


Yeah, I was thinking about adding/suggesting a special type of connector to Fritzing just for the Gadgeteer sockets.


I sent them a suggestion several months back asking them to make a “part” more like a “sub circuit” so that we could actually build in a complete circuit (Gadgeteer module) as a part. If we could do that then you could drop in a black box module in the designer but in the schematic diagram you could actually expand it out to a complete working schematic as if the modules where not a single part but rather an extension of the main circuit. I think this would be the ultimate solution for getting from prototype to production in the Gadgeteer world. No word back from them yet though…