How to display other languages?

Hi all experts,

I would like to use other language rather than English for user interface display, such as Chinese 你好. Anyone know how to write Chinese character lib into Fez, and use it for displaying messages?

Thanks in advance,

new to Fez

I never tried it myself but did you try to make a tiny font file out of your language’s true type file?

There is a great free too provided by one of our distributors. Search for timyfont

here ya go:

+1, it’s a really great tool and supports anti-aliasing.

Here’s a tip through, if you run 64bit put it in the same directory as TFConvert or it will ask you to locate it every single time you open the app. :wink:

Thanks every one. That’s really helpful. I’ll try that.
Another question If I’m going to use TFConvert, how to find the ImportRange when edit .fontdef file?