How to deploy NTMF codes onto STM32F4 based boards in production?

Hi, folks,

I’m working on a project that may end up with production of a few hundred units. Well, I think this is actually the production volume that NTMF is targeting. With that in mind, assume I have written up all the codes in visual studio, tested them on prototype boards, then how do I move on to actual deployment for production?

We are talking about three layers of code:1) tinybooter; 2) NTMF firmware; 3) my application code. For prototype boards or even small production run, I can leave the USB port and load button on board, put tinybooter then firmware then my application code onto board. But for production, this seems not feasible. So can I deploy all those codes in one shot?

I know MSP430 code can be easily burnt into chips through a target board/socket by JTAG. How about STM32F4? I have a J-LINK tool but have never used it. What a shame on me. LOL

Did you explore using a serial debug port (eg. COM1) instead of USB ?

No, I haven’t. Could you educate me a little bit on the advantage of serial debug port over USB?

There seems not solution for this.

From my understanding, tinybooter, tinyclr, and user code are simply bytes stored at different addresses in the internal flash of a MCU. So after I load these three elements one by one into one unit of a MCU, can I do a simple memory dump and then load that dump into other units?

I tried this on my discovery board, it didn’t work. I am not quite sure what I missed. Can somebody educate me on this?

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can put everything into one file and load at once. I am not sure why it didn’t work for you.

Thanks very much for confirming. I will try it again and see what I did wrong.