How to delete ExtendedWeakReference?

I want to instantiate EWR in my app to retrieve config settings. Is there a way to delete the Flash Memory?

I have found some informations on:

Where author says that calling recover without target frees the flash completely…
It is not written in MSDN and the several attempts I have made have failed…

Any clue?

Up ! Is there any people that know the answer?

There is no way to delete.

re-flash your board, or … but not sure maybe deploy Config.hex alone is enough.

No way to delete explicitely what has been written in the FLASH!!!

This is weird. Since the flash management is done through EWR, we don’t have fine grain management scheme. Actually, I am still modifying the objects that I store in EWR. Therefore are all the old instance of these many object are still in Flash?

I mean:

I save an instance of class A in Flash using RecoverOrCreate(typeof(A),0); As I am still designing my app, I modify class A and resave an instance of this new A using the same command.

Does the first instance still exists in Flash or is it replaced by the second?

EWR doesn’t guarantee object will be always there. New ones overwrite old ones. High priority overwrites low priority.

You can enter the GHI loader and use E command to wipe out everything, including EWR.