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How to debug RLP code while debugging Gadgeteer application?


As the subject indicates, I’m trying to debug my Gadgeteer application, but do not know how to set up compilers/debuggers for RLP code debugging. I am working with Express versions of C++ and C# at work, so I do not have unified environment.

If there is a tutorial for this, I apologize, but I could not find it.


AFAIK it may not be possible to step into RLP code when debugging a NETMF managed code application.

You may have to use debug print statements within the RLP code. Search the Code section for an example.

However it may help to build a test jig with the processor and use a JTAG emulator to step through and debug the RLP code in a native application. Once everything behaves as it should you can wrap up the code for RLP.


Hmm… First, thank you very much for the reply.

Second, that method seems awfully complicated. Wouldn’t it be easier to do callbacks into C# code if you only wanted to print out debug messages?


I just use one of the “code size limited” compilers, like keil or mdk, that has a built in emulator. I then create a rest C program to run my RPL code, all in the emulator. I find that that is the fastest way to debug. I won’t work if you need to interface to external hardware though…