How to create NETMF Project

I installed the latest GHI SDKs so I can write programs for the Cerbuino Bee. But Now when I try and create a new project I only get options to create Gadgeteer projects. Can you not create the old GHI NETMF projects anymore (FEZ Panda II Application, FEX Mini Application etc)? I need to create some new projects for my Fez Panda but I do not see a way of creating them anymore.

I also want to create a non-Gageteer project for my Cerbuino Bee. How to you do this now?

Did you install both of the SDKs. Steps 3 and 4 on

Have you figured out how to do this NETMF project?

Hi Jorgea, welcome to the forum. If you’re having this problem can you tell us how you went about the installations (the link Mike pointed out above). You should also tell us what hardware you have and what you can see when you open the New Project wizard in Visual Studio.

I also have a Cerbuino Bee and trying to figure out how to create non-Gadgeteer NETMF 4.2 projects.

Attached are a couple of screen of the “New Project” dialog. As you can see I have Gadgteer and Netduino projects but no Cerbuino or any other GHI board.
I did not install “GHI NETMF v4.1 and .NET Gadgeteer Package” as I don’t plan to develop 4.1 projects.

If this is not the intended way of use, how can I best integrate Arduino-style pin code into a Gadgeteer project?


@ aalmada - just create a console app

GHI.OSHW.Hardware.FEZCerbuino.Pin. etc for the header pins

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@ Justin - that simple! thanks!

@ aalmada - most things are simple, we just tend to over think things :slight_smile: