How to create a deployment file without an actual gadgeteer device?

I asked this question a while ago

I understand the trivial way to create the deployment file is to deploy to the gadgeteer (I’m using spider) and then create hex fiel using GHI configuration tool (/ MFDeploy)

it would be much more convenient for me to create the hex file with out need to physically connect to teh gadgeteer.

(My builds are done on a server there I do not have the gadgeteer, but afterwards uesrs can use the hex file created on their gadgeteers.)

can anyone give me guidelines/ references how can I do this?

Not impossible, it is not documented how it is done and not supported today.

If you understand this then you can do it on windows

Can you please elaborate how to do that?
or add additional links?

The same easy it is done on Linux, with link i provided earlier.

thanks for the quick reply.
the link seems to use MFDeploy so I did not understand how can I do so without a physical gadgeteer.
can you please explain what happens when deploying/ creating hex file and why is a connected gadgeteer needed?

  • I will highly appreciate any further guidance how to create the hex file without a gadgeteer - as written I want to automate the process of my builds and this flow keeps me from doing so.

thanks again!

it is needed because you do not know what assemblies are built into the device and which ones were loaded by VS.

@ Gus.
is there any documentation I can understand this better?
I need to get this done - create a deployment file without and actual gadgeteer
and currently I have no clue how to do that???

testing will be done on an actual gadgeteer.
the fact is I need the deployment files to be created without a gadgeteer - I am using a build system on some server which I cannot connect a gadgeteer. and I need the whole build process to be automated.

no it’s not TFS but some other build system.
(any difference if we’d use TFS?)

I’ll try to check again the link @ Gus attached, and will come up with concrete questions
thanks for the help