How to Connect

I won a BrainPad today at DigiGirlz. Super excited!
However, I know absolutely nothing about the program other than how to make it work AFTER setup it complete. I already downloaded and installed all the programs the site said I needed, but I can’t figure out how to connect the BrainPad to Visual Studio. I’m not a programmer and very inexperienced, so any help would be much appreciated.


@ Crowsnight66 - WOW Congrats!

Welcome to the community. I’m pretty sure you’ll be proficient in no time.

@ Gary, Good stuff dude.

@ Crowsnight66 - Welcome to the Forum,
did you see this page?

When everything is installed, you should open the program FEZ Config, connect the Brainpad and click the “Check device for update” button to see if the right firmware is installed on the Brainpad


@ Crowsnight66 - if you have any issues, I will be back into the office tomorrow please feel to give to me a call or if you have Skype let us know and you chat with myself and the engineering manager. Which class were you in?