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How to connect the WiFi module to the Robot Kit?


I am building a robot based on the Fez Mini Robot Kit. I got a WiFi Module ( ) based on the recommendation on the forum here. It arrived recently with absolutely no instructions whatsoever, much less any instructions on how to connect it to the Robot Kit. Nor can I find any instructions online.

So I got the following questions (please excuse potentially dumb one as I am a hardware noob):

  1. I want to connect the serial port of the Robot Kit to the appropriate ports on the WiFi module. Looks like RS232 port on the Robot Kit is based on RJ11 jack. Since the WiFi module does not have this type of jack, I’ll have to connect it manually. I am assuming that the RJ11 jack has the following pinout?

  2. So on the WiFi module, I’d connect the pins to the RX, TX, GND, and Power IN? Would the WiFi module be powered by this one pin?

  3. How do I actually attach the WiFi module to the Robot Kit? I’ve heard of module stacking, but I am not sure where to “stack” the WiFi Module.

Btw, here is my first attempt at making the Robot Kit go.


If its the module from this site. The quasi instructions are located where you ordered it. and sample code i would guess. as for connecting it is it a uext which means soldering a header to the mini towards the end its the double block of through the hole soldering points. Its 10 pins 5X2 right next to where you would solder the SD card expansion.


Where is a good place to get these uext connectors to solder on?


or digikey, mouser, grab bag from and here on the hardware page many places