How to connect Bus Pirate

Hi Guys…
Ive had my Fez Panda 2 for some time now, and done alot of programming on it.
Now i want to activate Usb Host, so ive made a Custom Usb Cable from this guide: TKJ Electronics » FEZ Panda and USB Host
And i bought a Bus Pirate V3 to be able to deploy and debug from serial…

Now i just recived my bus pirate, and im not sure what pins go where on my Panda…
Can anyone help?

Connect TX from pirate to D0 on panda. RX to D1. Ground to Ground. You can also power panda from pirate.
Also search the forum there is a lot info about serial debugging.

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@ Architect -
Thanks! and from what i can read here: Bus Pirate I/O Pin Descriptions - DP
that means that: Black = gnd, Orange = TX and Brown = RX `?

Another thing i cant find, even after searching… i need to enable serial debugging right?
And ppl talk about a pin called MOD, MODE or LMOD, but cant se any pin labeled that on my panda 2…?

It is on the big header in the middle, right next to the ground pin you need to connect it to.

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@ Gus - Ahh there it is, it disapeared in all the D pins :slight_smile: thanks!