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How small?


If you’re thinking of another board, then perhaps a minute one would be of use to people. The smaller the better. with only a few pins. I know that’s what I was looking for recently.



Yeah, that is called FEZ Mini…any smaller or less pins is not very much usable.


Mini is for breadboard use. I do not think creating a smaller board makes sense…?


I have a couple of FEZ mini’s here now and looking at it you could squeeze a few mm out of it yet again I think :slight_smile:


Some people just want it all. After you’re done squeezing a few mm out of the mini could you make one that does my taxes and folds the laundry? :stuck_out_tongue:


How about a FEZ on a flexible printed circuit board. You could roll it up or fold it to get the size you want.


I also made one to replace my ex-girlfriend but that one is not for sale :wink:


Gus, were we talking about inflatable dolls?


Hahahahahha !! :smiley:
It’s not? I thought FEZ Gus was on the market, soon ::slight_smile: