How old will you still be doing your hobbies?

I posted a while back to check on the age of the users on here.

No one will beat this guys for still doing your hobby at this age. 105 year old in Sydney (Brett, you’ve got a bit of catching up to do)


Aussies. We breed em tough.
I hadn’t seen that vid come up in Dave’s stream so I’ll check it out tonight. I hope my Mrs lets me keep my stuff around until I’m that old !

Jesus, 105 and even fit for hobby …

I mean, I’ll won’t even get that age, stand alone doing anything …


+1 for still having a pin up girl on the wall


I wondered how old that was?

@ dft277 - I noticed her as well. Trying to zoom in. :wink:

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I’m betting that if I live to be 105 it will no longer be a hobby but something I have to do to pay the bills. I simply can’t imagine how I could retire at a “normal” age and live that long w/o having to go back to work :frowning:

Of course, maybe the secret to a long life is good pin-up girls.


I’ll stop my hobbies when you pry them from my cold, dead hands and not a moment sooner. :wink:

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My Dad taught himself to program (in Basic on a C64) after he retired. He then moved on to PCs and fixed his neighbors PCs as well. He passed away a few years ago in his mid 80’s. On the floor in his office/workshop was a TV he was repairing (on the floor as he could not lift it) and several other projects. He never quit learning.