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How NOT to build hardware


Interesting teardown of what looks like a drastically overengineered product.

And for th MCU fans it uses an STM32407 so could in theory support netmf.

While the article seems highly concerened with th BOM, my concern would be with the assembly time and cost. The number of parts seems to be approaching that of a modern car. What on earth were they thinking.


Three hundred volt custom motor? To press JUICE! I hope I’m never guilty of this gross over engineering.


I liked this part as it saves on parts :whistle:

Also note a neat feature on the PCB that allows the firmware to be flashed using a standard USB cable


That is a neat idea. But im sure they could have paid for a few custom jigs with pogo pins. Did they really need to be compatable with any old cable they had lying around. Ita a strange place to want to save money.


Ferrari spends a lot on materials, construction techniques etc, but apparently they make money, so perhaps Juicero thinks that enough people are willing to spend whatever amount to own one of their products because of the engineering or exclusiveness of the product to be profitable. The business model isn’t without successful examples (and a bucket of failures).


@ Duke Nukem - I don’t think anyone ever got a hot date because of the sharp lines on their juicer… :whistle: