How many HUB AP5 boards can I add?

I’m working on a demo that I hope to post and I need 3 light sensors and given I’m using a Spider and it only has sockets for 1 available for a light sensor I thought I’d whip out a couple of HUB AP5 boards and connect them but it appears that the H1 sockets of both HUB AP5’s are reporting the same value which isn’t right. I added everything from within the designer and given nothing was complaining I thought I had a winner on my hands until I fired it up. Can I make this work and if so what do I need to do.


I believe your problem as I understand it is that the Raptor only has one hardware I2C bus. So, since both Hub AP5s share the same I2C address and live on the same bus, you can only control them as one hub essentially due to the address collision. The only solutions I know of are to look into tying some of the address lines to 3.3 or ground to change the address of one of the hubs and edit the driver to reflect that. You could also modify the driver to work on a Y type socket and use software I2C so that you have separate busses with no address conflicts.

@ Duke Nukem - The chip on the HUB AP5 uses pin modes to determine address. Unfortunately, the pins are connected to ground without a resistor to alter, so you would only be able to add one to your mainboard via hardware I2C. You would need to move them to use software I2C to use multiple.

Thanks guys, I’m using a Spider board and what your saying makes sense.

Another example of why I love GHI as your support for your user community rocks, no one but two employees answering my question, awesome.

I think you going to like the demo I have coming up, all IoT and all Gadgeteer.