How long will code creation be disabled

Today I was about to post another code sample on but the ‘Create’ link was disabled. Any idea why and when it will be enabled again?

It seems that that feature is a bit buggy lately.
Code threads without a creator…
Maybe they are fixing that.

I think our new site is probably just around the corner. Maybe that will be our FEZ Friday surprise this week!

We can’t wait to show you what we got!

We can’t wait as well :wink:


Ok, I will leave my Visual Studio session open until I can post the code :wink:

@ Gus don’t wait :slight_smile:

Any news on this…
i have some code that i would like to share…


It will be another week I think.

Bump… Still on track?

I’m itching to post some code… :slight_smile:

Post it on wiki for time being

I thought about that but if it’s only a day or so more, I can wait… I’ll wait impatiently but I’ll wait…

It’s an LPD8806-based LED strip Gadgeteer driver. If you’re bored, see:

Very cool man! Yeah I would wait too for that one.You already have great tutorial on your blog, there is no need to duplicate it on wiki.

Good job!


Nice. Will tweet.

By the way, we ordered some of these reels from china to offer to community but we were basically screwed! The strips showed the correct chip but they do not work. You have got to love dealing with China!!

Oooo… Shiny new website, WITH code submission…

Well done, GHI!

Months of hard work, thanks the people that made this happen :slight_smile: